Sunday, January 1, 2012


How often have you tried reading someone’s thoughts by just looking at them?
Are you so curious to know what your lover or your friend or your boss thinks?
Reading someone’s mind is quite interesting as reading a fantasy book.
You don’t need any extraordinary powers like psychics. It is just a matter of gestures. Even the most silent person can convey a message non-verbally.
For instance, students, just before their results, show a lot of emotional gestures. Their fear and nervousness can be easily identified with their body languages. They either walk around, or clench both their hands, or their fingers start to shake.
On the contrary, reading people’s gestures is not so easy. Few seconds of observing someone may lead to wrong judgement.
Gesture is like learning a language; you have to be more conscious of what your action speaks or can be understood.
Most of the times, we are not conscious of what we are doing, especially when we are too emotional or that we are unaware of the signs of the body-languages. Our gestures can either crate a good impression of ourselves or can even ruin in the eyes of the beholder. Psychologists suggest practising different gestures and observe what message an action can convey.


Beach is the best spot where you can find a lot of couples. Well, at least, in Chennai, Marina beach, you can find few couples holding hands together and walking. In a relationship, a touch means the rights of possessing another. If a guy or a girl puts his or her hand on someone’s shoulder or gives a hug, it is clearly a gesture to assure that they belong to each other. Although, it is unsure  in judging if they are married or if they are comfortable with each other or if they were not in good terms.


This morning when I had been to a service centre, I found various gestures in the room, one person- comfortably leaning on a couch; few others with crossed arms and legs, and another person- impatiently hitting his pen against the table.
Here are few gestures that clearly explain along with the picture.
May be this posture is hard to find. The above picture explains that she is waiting for someone.

Most of the movies, especially Hollywood movies emphasize more on gestures. If you get a chance, switch it to mute and watch the video, you will learn how a message is conveyed through non- verbal communication.


This gesture is a sign of interrupting someone next to you by touching them and calling.


This one is too easy to find out- A sign of boredom. * I do this often* 


This picture reminds me of chess players.
The picture depicts that the man is curious and at the same time fighting to be confident and to win.


Though the man in the picture appears to be too relaxing, a survey conducted by few psychologists says that when a man sits on a chair with his one leg on the hand of the chair and more relaxed, he is said to be not bothered about others.


He is not feeling cold; at least not in India. It means that he is protective.
There are various gestures, but make sure to pick the correct one.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Most of us might want to change our skin tone to fair, medium, tan, or brown, but what about blue?-Certainly, no. Here is the man, Paul Karason, who turned blue, not because he wanted to, but due to the side effect caused from the drug “colloidal silver”. Colloidal silver, a liquid suspension, was used as a medical product to cure various diseases, but their effects were not scientifically proved. Due to the non-proven effectiveness of the product and causes of side effects, medical authorities advise not to ingest it. This state of side effect caused by over exposure to chemical form of element silver is called as Argyria.

Paul Karason, a California man, is also dubbed as “Papa Smurf”. He defines the condition of argyria as “feeling blue”. It was during 2007, this blue skinned man’s story was publicized by the world press. Karason took courage to explain to the media about his experience during the course of argyria. Sources say that, he had been drinking homemade colloidal silver, containing distilled water, salt, and silver; and also had used silver salve on his face to treat problems such as sinus, dermatitis etc. This gradually turned his skin color to blue. The intake of the product did not affect his health, but the skin. He also said that he got influenced by a colloidal silver ad in a magazine and that’s when he started consuming it excessively. “My skin has lightened up, it is not major but it is lightening up. I am actually going to try green,” he concluded.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Can you believe that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause changes in the atmosphere?

Yes. It is believed, if a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa, it could result in a cyclone in the U.S.A. - This is called, “the butterfly effect”.

According to Wikipedia, “In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions; where a small change at one place in a nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state. For example, the presence or absence of a butterfly flapping its wings could lead to creation or absence of a hurricane.”

Now, let me describe it in simple terms. The butterfly effect as a system in chaos theory explains that whatever we do has an impact either on us or on the world. For instance, if I try to pluck a rose from someone else’s garden, then one of the roses from my garden would be plucked.

The chaos theory and the butterfly effect are not only applied in Math, Physics and biology, but in daily life. For instance, let me narrate one of the incidents happened in my life. It was on Monday morning, when I had to rush to my College to write an exam. I learnt it was such an unfortunate day, for my car wheel got punctured. I had no choice other than traveling by the public bus. My hope did not stay any longer, when I realized that I slipped from the bus and got injured. By the time I got to my senses, I read it was already ten o’clock and it was obvious to miss my exam. Any single factors of change can transform or alter our lives.

If you are a frequent Tamil movie viewer, you might have noticed that the movie Dasavatharam depicts the theory of chaos and how each and every event causes a change in the end. In reality, this might appear to be frightening, for when we talk about change, we refer to the transformations happening to the world.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


“Well, you say you are neither religious nor you belong to any caste, then why do you fill in those columns?” my sister asked, while I was filling the columns for community, caste and religion in one of the forms. Her question not only made me wonder, but thoughtful. Not being religious does not mean I’m an atheist or I hate religions. There are several talks that speak about “Unity”, several movies directed under the theme of “Unity” and we all know, though we part ourselves into different regions, we are still united.

Now, the question is, “Is it mandatory to fill in these columns?”, “Are we rated or selected mainly because of our religions, castes and communities?”  .

Thursday, July 28, 2011


In recent times, I’ve become so conscious about my health and my weight.
The reason behind such thought is: lately, while I was tossing few clothes out of my wardrobe to get myself a suitable outfit, I realized that few of my clothes had already gone out of my size. Even the most caposhi jeans did not fit in.

We all know how difficult is to get back to our normal weights or for those who have excess body weight but not healthy, that is, people with obesity will have superfluous amount of fat in their body, but less energy.

The study says overweight or obesity may cause various diseases.
It is said, not just dieting can help in reducing weight, but also physical activity. Increase in weight is caused due to consuming excessive food energy, lack of physical activity and very rare cases of genes, medications.

Do you feel bad when someone points at you and calls you “FATTY”? Do you look at the mirror, wishing to be thin one day?
Here are some of the tips I have been trying lately and it really works.

1.     Instead of buying those expensive weight-loss equipments that make you pay through your nose, you can exercise at home. I would suggest you to check out few videos in Youtube that help you teach few home workouts to make your body fit and healthy.

2.     If you are overweight, it is a must to reduce your calorie intake. Not that you have to stop eating food, but quit eating those that  fall under the “JUNK FOOD” category. Fat contains the most amounts of calories than any other food types and so it has to be chopped-down.
Avoid eating pizzas, chocolates, cakes, and sweets.
3.     Though there are few people believing to reduce calories during fasting, the study says meal skipping can lead to poor health. For instance, if you skip breakfast and when you eat your next meal, you fetch up overeating, which obviously will not help in reducing your weight.
4.      For those who are confined sitting in one position, starring at the flat screen and work round the clock, physical activities or walking would keep them fit.
5.     It is suggested that drinking more amount of water before meal, can reduce more amount of calories.
6.     One major thing which I always say to myself, “DO NOT BE LAZY”. Laziness often stops you from doing any activity.
7.     Make a record of how many calories and weight you have lost in a week; this will interest you more to workout.

Lately, when I had been to one of my close friends’ house, I noticed a list of various workouts she had been trying and kilograms of weight that she had lost. While I asked about it to her, she said, “I am so determined to lose at least 10 kilograms in a month.” Now, that really inspired me.
Well, anyway, hope those few points helped you all.
Remember, “Eat well, but be conscious on what you eat”, “Sleep well but don’t get idle to activate yourself”.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Have you ever dreamt about someone whom you haven’t seen before? Or ever dreamt as if your boss or professor or your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend chasing you all the way, in a dark, lonely street? Well, I am not talking about ‘Day dreaming’.

Now, let me cut to the chase. It is said that dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. On the contrary, few people say, dreams are either predictions about the future or events related to the past. However, the meaning still remains as a mystery to all of us.

Lately, while I was googling and making research on dreams, I unwittingly clicked on a site link: , which read as, “Ever dream this man” and to my bombshell, it showed a creepy picture of a man.

It appears that, in January 2006 in New York, a psychiatric patient drew a picture of a man who appeared in her recurring dreams. The patient claimed that this man had given her advice on her private life. She also added she had never met this man in her life.

With a little bit of inquiry and investigation, it’s said, at least 2000 people have seen this man in their dreams.

I’ve also had recurring dreams, but not about this man.

Do you think it’s a myth? If yes, then why thousands of people dream about this man?

P.S: Why is he referred as “this man”? I wish he had a name.